CH Fran-Jo Peaches of Gonvi OFA TC HIT (Smooth-Opa-Raider ex Lexus)

Grandson) Jag ex Pandora

Norberge's Charge Him to Me OFA HIT TC (Mastercharge ex Betzi-Jo)


CH Norberge's Allegro Vivache OFA(Matercharge ex Ammi)


AM/CANCH Norberge's My Impatience (FV MV Eclispe ex Ammi)

CH Kenlyn's Vindicator V TR OFA HIT TC

GV SEL CH Norberge's Razzle Rosarita of Clayfield


CH Kenlyn's Vindicator V TR OFA HIT CGC (Lexus

Norberge's GI Joe of Clayfield OFA TC HIT 3 Mgrs (Army ex Vera)

(CAN GVSEL CH Kenlyn's Jag of Fran-Jo ex TR's ROM ROMC Pandora V Kenlyn ROM)

CH Norberge's Katarina of Ken-Delaine (Mastercharge ex Betzi Jo)


CH Fran-Jo's Lexus of Norberge ROM

(FV MV Eclipse ex Ammi)


Norberge's GI Joe of Clayfield OFA TC HIT 3 Mgrs (Army ex Vera)

SEL AM CAN CH Joelle's Alvin of Norberge OFA TC CD ROM (Jakster ex Edie)

CH Winsome's Beara Wang TC (Bailey ex Arrivabearchi)

Dogs of our Past...

So many years with this incredible breed has given me such a sense of pride, yet humbling.  What has been just as rewarding are the people I have met and the friends I have made over the years, whether in competition, working or the families that wanted a quality companion dog. This has truly been an incredible journey.  Below are just some of the dogs I have breed or have been involved with.  Each one of these animals has a part of my heart whether they are still with me or have gone ahead and waiting for me.  Thank you for taking the time to allow me to share with you the legacy of Norberge German Shepherds.

CH Norberge's Venetta Joelle OFA HIT TC  (Red October ex Edie)


CH Norberge's Sparkles Plenty (Vinnie ex Venetta)


BOM Norberge'sSkotataskia Lukos OFA HIT CD TC CGC (Mastercharge ex Hilda) 

Norberge's Sophia Loren of Von Nassau.