CH RBOM Clayfield Jingle Bell Rock of Norberge OFA

BOF CH Norberge's Brac of CLayfield 

GCH CH BIM RBOF Norberge's Gift of the Maji of Clayfield OFA

CH BOM Von Nassau's Snuggles of Norberge OFA (Owned by Tom Mesdag)

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GCH CH Norberge's Kiss me under the Mistletoe of Clayfield OFA

 GCH CH RBIF Norberge's Leona of Clayfield

Am/Can CH Clayfield's First Noelle of Norberge

CH RBOM Norberge's Celeste of Von Nassau OFA (Owned by Trish Ashby)

GV BIF BOM MBISS CH Norberge's Razzle Rosarita of Clayfield (Owned and loved by Sharon & Michael Avery and myself)

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Kennelwood's Daydreaem Believer of Almar.  Watch for her soon!!!!

GCH CH Norberge's Dante of Clayfield

Norberge' s Point of View ofClayfield(Rooney-Rosie)

CH Norberge's Lovie of Von Nassau

GV BIF BOM MBISS CH Norberge's Razzle Rosarita of Clayfield

Grandma's Puppy The Child found my Puppy, bouncing in grandma's yard. The Puppy cocked her head, and studied him real hard. The Puppy approached the Child and gave him a welcome lick. The Child surveyed the ground, and found a little stick. He teased the Puppy for awhile, then threw it in the air.
I was running for my camera, the moment, what a pair.
The Puppy jumped from left to right, and then she ran around.
The Puppy was excited, this new friend she had found. She teased the boy, the boy teased her, they’re having so much fun.
His lunch was gone to quickly, I know what that boy had done.
The puppy pranced beside the Child, a human just her size.
The picture out my window, they both had found a prize.

Then as dusk was nearing, and the Child went to bed.
Yes the Puppy can sleep with you, what else could I have said.
The dreams those two with have this night, the visions don't you see.
But Grandma became the hero, the day that Puppy came home with me.

Pamela O'Dell